Birdy’s Provisions comes from a love of both food and ecology. We firmly believe that how we choose to eat is directly linked to our environment. Our mustards are the culmination of this love, and what we hope to be the beginning of many products from Birdy’s Provisions. 

Our founder, Doug Partridge, has been researching or making mustard most of his adult life.  He completed his graduate research on the ecological properties of the family of mustards (Brassicaceae). Mustards are a diverse and widespread family of plants found globally. His research focused on identifying traits that could explain their ability to thrive across the globe.  During this time, he became keenly aware of the culinary importance of the mustard family.  Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, collard greens, radish and obviously mustard seeds all come from this diverse family of plants!

Doug’s love of cooking stems from childhood memories in the family garden, spending days at you-pick farms, and in the kitchen cooking with his mom. In considering ways to bring this love of food and ecology together, Doug considered the importance of mustard in his cooking.  

He started by researching the historical uses of mustard seeds and production of mustard. It is believed that the Chinese may have been the earliest cultivators of mustard seeds, dating back to 5000-4000 BC*! The combination of mustard seed and vinegar into the condiment that we know today dates back to the 1300’s in the Dijon region of France. For over seven hundred years, humans have been using mustard as an essential condiment to bring flavor to our food! 

Our mustards follow the foundations of historical mustard production. We recognize current technologies make our production easier. But the foundation is the same and rooted in simple recipes that rely on few and simple ingredients. Our process avoids heat and relies on time to encourage the natural flavor to develop directly from crushed mustard seed. Our mustards are hand made in small batches in New England, and never use additives or preservatives!

As part of our mission to develop Birdy’s, we are also committed to giving back to our environment. Our mission is to give back 1% of our profits towards ecological restoration. Through your support of Birdy’s, we hope to also provide an avenue for improving our planet.


*The Mustard Book 1988