Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Birdy’s Mustard Unique?

Our mustards follow the foundations of historical mustard production. However, we recognize current technologies make our production easier. The foundation is rooted in simple recipes that rely on few and simple ingredients to highlight the amazing flavor of the mustard seed.  Our process avoids heat and relies on time to encourage the natural flavor to develop directly from crushed mustard seed. 


What is Coarse Mustard?

The Coarse Mustard is our interpretation of a German style mustard.  It is a coarse textured mustard highlighting multiple warm spices. We use it on pretzels, as a complement to charcuterie, on a grilled cheese or hamburger, or as part of potato salad. The options are endless.


What is Smooth Mustard?

The Smooth Mustard is our interpretation of a French Dijon style mustard. We use it on sandwiches, as a complement to charcuterie, in a stew or a roast, or when making deviled eggs. The options are endless.


Do you sell kitchen service sizes?

Yes, please contact us through our wholesale page


What if I can’t purchase Birdy’s locally?

You can always purchase Birdy’s direct from us, or lets us know about your favorite local provisions store where you’d like to see Birdy’s sold.